From Grace to the Rescue: By Laura Grace

The Fire and Glory Days Ahead

            “Before I left Montana to go to Idaho, this subject of miracles had come up, once again. I remember Grandma, and I had this conversation before I left, and I was trying to explain to her why everything would be okay. I did not know until years later, that she had actually considered petitioning the court to take my daughter away from me, for she believed I was not a very good mom for allowing the atrocities of my spouse and the side effects of his drug and alcohol use. The car breaking down, not having enough money for hamburger, food, or diapers; and having to move all the time were all signs to her our lives were not stable and good.”

  “We left in February, and I remember the mountain pass we had to go over was just a sheet of ice that day, with snow piled up about 10 ten or 12 twelve feet on either side of the road. I was driving the U-Haul, and I was petrified when I started going downhill, that we would lose traction and never be able to stop! I prayed the whole way over, and finally we got there, parked the U-Haul, and car, and had the keys to our new apartment issued to us.”

  “I had sent the money to “my father- in- law’ to get us a place, and he secured it before we ever got there. It was a nice place I was so happy about it! It was a cute, little place, and we moved all our stuff in that night, then we put the kids to bed, and got up the next day and went to breakfast. We were going to have a whole new life.We came home from eating and saw fire trucks, and smoke, and I asked, said “Is that our house?”

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