Laura Grace’s Books are designed to help you grow and fourish in your relationship with God and others. 

Whether you’ve fallen on the jagged rocks of relationship troubles, (including betrayal, broken covenants, poor advice from leaders, or just simply fighting your way through all kinds of unforseen obstacles),or whether you’ve wondered how to help those with said trauma, Laura’s books are sure to arm you with many truths, tools and concepts to help you on your journey, which give you encouragement, hope and stength for what lies ahead. They also contain her true-to-life Journey and testimonies, in an easy to read and compelling manner.

Your life is sure to be blessed and changed from reading these pages. 

About The Author


God called Laura to write books in the early 90’s. She began writing in 2003, with her first booklet “Out of Darkness, a Testimony of Grace.” In 2012 she published her first edition of Grace to The Rescue, revising and self-publishing it after an unpleasant experience with a vanity publisher. In the true Spirit of Overcoming, Laura has continued writing over the last few years, praying over ever page she writes, believing God to encourage and strengthen those who read her stories. 

She has attended over two years of college: Studying psychology, Christian Counselling, theology, and other religions, as well as Christian History and Apologetics.

She has served as a worship leader, evangelist, teacher, preacher and prayer warrior.

Her travels include time spent with Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Assembly of God, Methodist, and FourSquare churches. Her life is rich with treasures place into her heart by the Lord Almighty.

Her experience is vast in the area of dealing with people, and her tried and true testimonies of Grace are a treasure sure to bless your heart. Laura can be contacted at 


Start With Grace to the Rescue, Laura's Journey of Salvation and Deliverance, (the preface to Growing in True Grace and the Knowledge of Him). Continue with her on the Journey of growing for a five-year period in Grace to Grow, and rejoice in the revelations of Grace to Soar. With new eyes, you will discover the reason and necessity for the book Dsyfunctional People: A candid look at types of people you will most likely encounter in your lifetime, including your own self. Learn tips and gain insight on how to survive and blossom in all types of relationship settings.

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